Why Your Dealership Needs Instagram Stories Ads

March 29, 2021

Let’s talk Instagram.

We’ve been placing ads on the Instagram feed for our car dealer clients for a few years now and we’ve seen its progression.

Instagram now has 9 million monthly active users in Australia, and the Stories Ads product has been available since 2017.

In recent months, we’ve been building more and more Instagram Stories Ads (as opposed to Feed Ads), and have seen them generate dozens of leads, with a small media spend, and a short duration period.

We’re testing, iterating and succeeding with Instagram Stories Ads now, and we’re recommending including Instagram Stories Ads in your media placement for your EOFY Sales Events.

“Instagram Stories Ads are full screen, sound on placement, which captures 100% of the car buyers attention”.

Get in touch with the team here to discuss more about how Instagram Stories Ads could work for your dealership.

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