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How We Help

Ignite Group is a digital marketing agency created exclusively for the automotive industry.

Facebook & Social Media Marketing

Ignite Group is a social-first digital agency, with 12 social media experts. We provide more leads from social media to car dealerships than any other agency in Australia or New Zealand.

Remarketing & Retargeting

We use a combination of strategies to reach the people who are in the market to buy a car and stay engaged with them until they are ready to walk through the door of your dealership and purchase their next car.

Measurable Results

Most agencies focus on likes, not revenue! Likes and engagement are great, but if it doesn’t convert into actual dollars, it doesn’t matter. Ignite Group is obsessed with numbers so you’ll be able to see how your marketing is converting into sales.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help car dealers unlock the potential of social media marketing and take on their competition like never before. More than an agency, our work is born out of genuine relationships and a desire to exceed expectations.


Dealership clients who are endlessly kicking goals

Omni-channel Approach

We take on your social media marketing from all angles

20% Lead To Appointment Ratio

Our average client experiences a massive jump in qualified leads

12 In-House Industry Specialists

The Ignite Group team is obsessed with growing your leads

Meet The Team

Dimitri Kotov

Managing Director

Fun Fact:
I was born next to Chernobyl, but I didn’t acquire any radioactive powers.

Dean Meroiti

Director of Strategy

Fun Fact:
In awkward moments, I bring comfort to everyone with laughter by making it more awkward.

Lauren Rogosin

Head of Design

Fun Fact:
I scored 4 hole-in-ones in a row in a mini golf tournament…and still lost.

Henry Toussaint

Advertising Manager

Fun Fact:
You may recognise me from opening for Hi-5 at the ‘09 Christmas Carols.

Chelsea Newton

Digital Marketing Specialist

Fun Fact:
The day after I finished high school, I jumped on a plane and solo travelled 14 different countries around Europe.

Sam Garcia

Social Media Assistant

Fun Fact:
I enjoy doing jump rope and want to learn all the tricks.

Nique Ramos

Community Manager

Fun Fact:
I’m a cat person and live with 7 cats.

Kinno Cunanan

Graphic Designer

Fun Fact:
I can’t live without an air conditioner, even when it’s cold outside.

Jerocel Mallari

Customer Success Manager

Fun Fact:
I’m obsessed with BTS!

10 Years Of Automotive
Marketing Experience

Ignite Group has led the way for social media marketing for car dealerships over a decade. Contact us to find out how to implement a marketing and lead generation campaign that actually works.

Facebook’s First Preferred Agency

Facebook chose Ignite Group as their first agency partner for Australia’s automotive dealership networks.

Our partnership means you get best practice in Facebook and Instagram strategy, creative and measurement.

A Proven System That Will Help You Get More Leads

We’ve tried, tested and proven our social media marketing strategy so we know your dealership will get amazing results.

We’ve Thought Of Everything And We Know What Works

Get car dealership marketing that ticks all the boxes.