WeChat Content Marketing

Connect to Chinese vehicle buyers in your PMA.

Get A WeChat PMA Plan That Works

Over 3 million Chinese Australian’s use WeChat every month, so it makes sense your Dealership does too.

Through an expertly managed WeChat presence, you can grow your vehicle appointments, test drives and sales from Chinese speaking audiences in your PMA.

Engage Chinese customers on their preferred social media network

Interact with customers in their language and reach people who may not be on Facebook.

 Increase test drives and RO’s from WeChat

Inform customers of special offers and current discounts exclusive to WeChat followers.

Leverage WeChat KOLs to own your PMA

Drive Dealership awareness with high-quality Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).


7 Ways To Maximise Your WeChat ROI

Ignite Group’s resident WeChat expert, Claire Tai has developed a strategy to ensure maximum dealership awareness, leads and ultimately sales from WeChat.

These strategies have worked well for automotive groups across Australia and NZ, and they can work for you.