January Social Media Tune-Up

January 25, 2021

With a fresh new year comes fresh new features and updates for Facebook and Instagram, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2021. But first, let’s refresh ourselves on what late 2020 gave us, (and what’s up-coming) and how it could change the way you think about your social media marketing efforts.

So, what’ll it be this month?

New in: Instagram


We mentioned Guides in our first Tune-Up as a (restricted) new feature and predicted that it could expand to more industries. So, we’d like to introduce – Guides!

Guides are essentially mini blog posts on Instagram made up of already published posts and paragraphs that you can build to create long-form scrollable content. You can use your own posts or share posts from other accounts.

They’re a great way to repurpose content, flex your expertise, and encourage users to interact with your profile. The only downside is that Guides are not discoverable like posts, Reels or IGTV. They don’t show up on the Explore Page or on the timeline and are tucked away in your profile under a separate tab. You can, however, share it to your Stories for your current followers.

Instagram’s New Keyword Search!

This is one of the most exciting new features for SEO and discoverability! Once upon a time, using hashtags and tricks like keywords in your Instagram name was the only way to be discovered. But now, Instagram has introduced an actual search feature that allows you to find posts from a keyword.

To search posts, head to the search bar in the Explore page and type in a keyword. If it’s a match, it will come up as a search result with posts from users who have used that keyword in the caption. You’ll also see a list of related keywords along the top, allowing you to discover even more posts. This is SEO like we’ve never seen on Instagram before!

It’s unclear how Instagram prioritises posts or if every post that uses the keyword will show up. One thing we DO know is that captions can now be optimised – so now is the time to start building an SEO strategy for Instagram.

New Home Screen

Instagram is/has already started changing the Home Screen layout, replacing the usual post button and notifications button with Reels and Shops instead.

The Post button has already been removed for many accounts, giving users quick and easy access to watch Reels. But one change that hasn’t happened to everyone just yet is the addition of the Shops button. This is one of the more controversial changes, but if it becomes a permanent world-wide feature, this opens up more opportunities for businesses to be discovered via their Shop!

If the Shop button is so easily accessible on feeds, users may be more inclined to browse. Dealerships with an Instagram Shop could have a better chance of being discovered.

Reels Shopping

While we’re on the topic, in a new update set to slowly roll-out, Reels and Instagram Shopping will collide. Hot on the heels of making Reels and Shopping a main Home Screen feature, people will be able to tag products in their Reels. This will work the same way tagging products in Posts does.

Our take? This could be another advertising avenue for dealerships with a Shop. Since Reels has a higher potential to reach explore pages, this could be a fun, creative way to advertise your inventory.

If your dealership doesn’t have Instagram Shopping already, it might be a good idea to get on it. Instagram is placing more and more focus on their Shopping features, and we’re expecting, even more, to come out this year. (Don’t worry, we know how to do it! So if you’re interested, reach out to our team today.)

New in: Facebook

A New Pages Experience

Facebook Pages will get a makeover! With tweaks from the layout and design of the page – to the removal of Page Likes. Yep – when people say Likes don’t matter, in Facebook’s case this is very true.

Instead of Likes, you’ll only see Page Follows. Given that Page Followers can get updates from a page, this is a better measure anyway.

Other changes expected to roll out also include Improved Page Management Features where you’ll be able to assign and manage admin access permissions easier.

On-Facebook Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Ads has gotten a bit of an upgrade! Automotive Inventory Ads are already a great tool for dealerships to build ads using stock directly from their website. On-Facebook Dynamic ads take it one step further.

When a customer clicks on an AIA, they’ll see a dynamic Vehicle Detail Page on-Facebook where they can learn more about the vehicle in question, view other inventory and contact dealerships directly. All without ever leaving Facebook!

With standard AIA’s, limited information is displayed. This forces customers to visit your website to learn more or fill out a lead form and wait for a reply, which might deter some customers. On-Facebook Ads allows them to find everything they need too in-app and contact dealerships via Messenger, minimising friction.

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