Performance-Driven Social Media Marketing

Our social media advertising and marketing programs are oriented around your car dealership’s sales and service department goals.

Our Social Media Solution

To help you understand the value of your campaigns, we measure and report on cost per lead by channel. You’ll have access to these insights as well as our industry benchmarks so you know what’s working.

Automotive Social Media Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Let Ignite Group create unique, high performing strategies for each channel to ensure you get the lowest lead to appointment ratio.

Automotive Social Media Advertising


Find the vehicle shoppers who are interested in vehicle walkarounds, inventory and pricing.

Automotive Social Media Advertising


Advance warm prospects towards your stock.

Automotive Social Media Advertising


Generate fleet enquiries from local professionals.

Don't Waste Another Dollar On A Campaign That Doesn't Deliver

Let us ignite a comprehensive marketing campaign that brings sustained leads and sales.

Why Ignite Your Car Dealership Social Media Marketing

We help you to meet the needs of home-based vehicle shoppers. Dealerships are in the midst of an unprecedented era of change, driven in large part by COVID-19 but also a long term change in vehicle shopper behaviours in response to social media. These shifts are changing what people expect from dealerships.

Create a Frictionless Buying Experience

Dealerships are always promising things ‘now’ but some elements of the vehicle shopping experience can be tedious. Ignite Group approaches social media marketing differently by helping your dealership provide a superior customer experience that makes the vehicle buying journey easier and more convenient.

Personalised Vehicle Shopper Marketing

Today’s vehicle shoppers have higher expectations around personalisation, as they are accustomed to seamless product experiences across all aspects of their lives. We develop bespoke solutions to help dealerships form 1:1 relationships with vehicle shoppers on social media.

Digital First PMA

In the past, a new model might have been seen in a neighbour’s driveway, or the supermarket car-park. Today, the neighbourhood is ‘digital-first’, and a car dealership’s presence and advertising on social media now play a decisive role in driving dealership brand awareness.


5 Ways To Prosper Post COVID-19

Advertising on social media calls for a tailored strategy. That goes double in 2020 with customers preferring (and needing) to shop online.

Download our strategies below to deliver better social media advertising and keep up with new COVID-normal behaviours.