Should Our Dealership Be Using Social Influencers?

December 02, 2019

Instagram has been dominated by Influencers and Bloggers alike. With loyal followers ranging from thousands to millions, their voice and Instagram feed can inspire and influence hundreds of people. Which, makes them valuable assets to anyone’s marketing strategy.

But, even in this growing digital age, automotive dealerships still aren’t utilising them enough, if at all, which means thousands of potential customers aren’t being reached.

Yes, many of these followers won’t be living in your city, or in the country. But, quite a few hundred will be, especially when working with a home-grown Influencer as they tend to attract followers who also live in the same city. These are the people you could be reaching.

The best part is Influencers have become business-savvy individuals that are willing and excited to explore new brand partnerships to help grow and establish their career. There’s no doubt that Influencer Marketing is one of the biggest win-wins in advertising, with the ability to reach customers you never would have thought you could reach. You’d be surprised at how powerful the word of an Influencer could be.

Part of the reason dealerships aren’t utilising this marketing strategy is because many aren’t aware they can. Dealerships can not only work with Fashion Influencers (yes, really!) but Lifestyle, Travel and Adventure niches are all well within what makes sense for a dealership too.

In fact, each of these niches provides endless ways content can be created. All that’s left to do, is find the Influencer who matches your dealership’s brand.

Great examples of this strategy are Lexus and Mazda who have previously partnered with Fashion Bloggers to create content that looks organic and is memorable. Any dealership can easily take a page from their book with just a little more research and refinement.

Get in touch with the team here to discuss more about how Influencer Marketing could work for you.

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