Remind Your Buyers What They’re Missing Out On

Remarketing directs vehicle shoppers towards appointment bookings at every stage of the vehicle buying journey with hyper-personalised digital advertisements.

Our Remarketing Strategy

We’re the leading social remarketing agency for automotive retail in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll show you the remarketing gaps in your digital sales funnel and create relevant audiences from the sources that matter. Here are the actions vehicle shoppers take that will prompt automated remarketing from your dealership.

automotive remarketing services

Lead Form Opened

Create an audience of people who opened an enquiry form in one of your lead generation ads on Facebook or Instagram, but didn’t submit their information.

automotive remarketing services

Video Watched

Create an audience of people who watched one of your videos on social media.

automotive remarketing services

Website Visit

Create an audience based on website visitors from your Facebook pixel. Tailor your audience based on models and stock viewed.

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Remarketing Solutions

Remarketing connects your dealership with vehicle shoppers who have already shown an interest in your dealership. Having partnered with the top 20% of Australian and New Zealand dealerships, we know which audiences have high conversion. Here’s how we’ll help your dealership get more leads through remarketing:

Build Audience

Build your audience from your ecosystem of data sources such as website traffic, walk-ins, lead management system, and more.


100% of our leads complete at least three screening questions that share their model and buying experience preferences with you.

Personalise Every Ad

Match artwork to audience data by including the relevant persona that will drive action.

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