Reef City Motors

Reef City Motors

Lead Generation


With a focus on specific audience targeting, you can quickly lift appointments and sales.
We worked with the Tony White Group dealership, Reef City Motors to show how it’s done.


PMA Action Plan
Lead Generation
Social Media Advertising
CRM Retargeting


Dealership marketing plans have traditionally been driven by ad hoc digital and traditional campaigns on radio and print. However, as vehicle shoppers are changing the way they discover, evaluate and shop, there’s a need for dealerships to reassess how they communicate dealership offers and Sales Events.

To help the dealership uncover sales opportunities in their PMA, Reef City Motors partnered with Ignite Group. Our PMA Action Plan unearthed six specific audiences with in-market vehicle shoppers. Ignite Group identified audiences from the dealership’s database and website, along with Facebook’s own data such as brand, conquest, lookalike and engaged audiences.

The goal was to explore how in-market vehicle shoppers would respond to personalised ads in their Facebook and Instagram feed, and in their Instagram Stories.

Convert in-market audiences into leads

Using four screening questions in the lead forms, we were better able to understand the preferred buying experience of vehicle shoppers. This resulted in acquiring 7 data points per lead such as the preference for contactless buying options like virtual trade-in, video walk around, off-site test drive and more.

Nurture unconverted engagement

It became clear that a significant number of vehicle shoppers who were engaging with the ad, were not submitting a lead. We nurtured these vehicle shoppers towards an appointment booking by serving them ads with relevant information based on their stage in


Absolute results within days.

With a PMA Action Plan in place, Reef City Motors sold an additional 25 vehicles in their first month of working with Ignite Group, with a lead-to-appointment ratio of over 70% and a 50% increase in sales (year on year).

A cost per lead of less than $10 was achieved, with Reef City Motors achieving their best
ever ROI from their marketing spend, and their best ever ROI from working with a marketing agency.