Lead Nurturing for Car Dealerships

Guide vehicle shoppers along their path to purchase without lifting a finger.

Make Buying Easier

Deliver a frictionless vehicle buying experience for your clients.

Lead Nurturing Car Dealerships

Target Hot

Use lead scoring to identify vehicle shoppers in your CRM ready to buy now.

Lead Nurturing Car Dealerships

Personalise the Vehicle Buying Experience

Create personalised ads that align with vehicle shopper personas.

Lead Nurturing Car Dealerships

Provide Convenience & Ease

Nurture warm leads by encouraging convenient, easy and digital ways to engage with your dealership.

Don't Waste Another Dollar On A Campaign That Doesn't Deliver

Let us ignite a comprehensive marketing campaign that brings sustained leads and sales.

How Lead Nurturing Works

Ignite Group supports vehicle shoppers at every step of the buying journey. We create a lead nurture roadmap to inform warm vehicle shoppers and drive them through the funnel at scale and we automate the process so it’s much less work for you. Here’s what we do:

Determine Stage in Funnel

We use lead scoring to identify the vehicle shopper’s stage in the vehicle buying journey.

Create Ad Strategy

A 1:1 approach maps out the marketing content required to create a frictionless buying experience.

Build Nurture Campaigns

We drive vehicle shoppers towards an appointment booking by serving relevant information based on where they are at in the buyer funnel. Open your doors and pick up the phone to more purchase-ready customers every day with Ignite Group.


Steal Our Most Effective Lead Nurture Funnel

Are you struggling to turn more leads into sales? Our dealerships have found more success when they follow our Lead Nurture Funnel. Now you can too! Get our funnel right here.