June Social Media Tune-Up

June 01, 2020

For anyone who’s ever asked “What’s new?”, we’re going to give you an answer!
For the latest scoop in new social media features, this is your monthly round-up.
Stay up-to-date on what’s new, what’s in, and what’s coming soon.

New in: Instagram

Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows eligible businesses to host their website inventory directly on their Instagram profiles. Shoppers can view pricing and product information on these listings and then click-through to the website for the final purchase.

While this feature has mainly been restricted to selected eCommerce accounts, Instagram is about to take a huge step in their eligibility requirements for this feature! 

From the 9th of June, Instagram is taking a big step in helping more businesses sell online by changing their eligibility requirements! More accounts will be able to set up and apply for Instagram Shopping, and it will be easier than ever to host your inventory. 

We say: keep an eye on this continually-evolving feature.


IGTV was a revolution for the platform and now Instagram is building on that with the ability to run Ads!

Instagram is currently testing IGTV Ads with selected advertisers and creators, with plans to roll it out for everyone (eventually.) This is an exciting development as it creates another platform for businesses to advertise on with the potential to reach untapped audiences. Ads will be 15 seconds long and will run before the IGTV video starts. 

We say: stay tuned and think about adding this to your marketing strategy.

Badges (in Instagram Live)

Badges are an exciting feature that holds so much potential! Slowly being tested now, it serves as another way for creators to make revenue on their streams. Badges are represented as little hearts next to a viewer’s name that displays in the chat. These are purchased by the viewer with three pricing ‘tiers’ available and 100% of the revenue going to the creator.

The exciting part is the potential it holds! While it’s currently just a way for creators to receive ‘tips’ from their fans, it has the potential to drive an audience to an IG Live hosted sales event, by holding a fundraiser where people can purchase Badges in support of a cause. This could simultaneously build brand awareness while bringing more eyes to your campaign.

We say: watch this space (and your IG account).

Instagram Guides

Another exciting new feature that holds great potential; Guides. NOTE: This feature is currently restricted to a few partners, BUT there is a potential for this feature to be expanded to more industries – especially considering Instagram’s history with new features.

Guides are long-form posts located on an Instagram profile. Think blog posts – Guides are scrollable content mixing copy and imagery located in a separate tab on the profile. Headspace Australia is currently one of the selected partners using this feature. 

We say: take a look at Headspace to see how Guides work and keep an eye on what Instagram does with it.

New in: Facebook

Facebook Email Marketing Tools

While Facebook doesn’t often release big new platform changing features often, it is testing a big one now. 

This tool is exactly as it sounds. Currently, in a testing phase, this tool will allow businesses to send marketing emails directly from their Facebook page. It works similarly if not exactly like current email marketing tools like MailChimp, but it makes things simple and allows businesses to keep most of their marketing all in one place. 

Stay tuned to find out how all of these features develop and change in the future!

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