July Social Media Tune-Up

July 01, 2020

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Instagram finding new ways to keep its platform interesting and ever-growing. Sometimes the changes and features are small, and sometimes they break the whole internet.
So what will it be this month?

New in: Instagram

Instagram Shopping Eligibility Changes

Update: Instagram has officially changed its eligibility requirements for Instagram Shopping! As of the 9th June 2020, all Business and Creator accounts can apply for Instagram Shopping!

How do you know if your account is eligible?
If your account is either a Business or a Creator account, you should automatically have it listed within your settings. Just go to your Settings > Business (or Creator) > Set up Instagram Shopping.

It’s still up to Instagram to approve the shop before it can go live, however more industries and merchants can now try, and it’s easier than ever to set it up now too.

We say: why not give it a go? Dealerships could use this platform for their Parts shops (or possibly also current in-stock vehicles). The worst Instagram can say, is no.

Instagram Shop

Not to be confused with Instagram Shopping but still part of the same feature.

Instagram Shop is currently in testing and will look like a separate tab on the Explore page (like how IGTV is now) and will enable customers to browse through Shops and stock from all accounts just like they would with any other online shopping platform. Instagram/Facebook are also testing ways to enable customers to check-out right on Instagram without diverting customers to your website!

We say: this could reach wider audiences and can help put Dealership Parts stores on the map! Stay tuned.


Instagram has been testing this feature in countries like Brazil and with selected Influencers already, with the plan to roll it out to even more countries! Reels is, essentially, Instagram’s answer to TikTok.

It will be short, 15-second video clips set to music or original audio that has the potential to reach wider audiences more than any other feature on the app! You know what they say if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

We say: keep an eye on this! Instagram hasn’t identified a date when this will be going live but it could happen sooner than you think.

With these changes, updates, and new features coming soon, we wonder what next month has in store.

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