Improve Your Lead-To-Appointment Ratio With Automated SMS

October 06, 2020

Sending an automated SMS to leads is one of the best ways to improve your lead-to-appointment ratio.

With Automated SMS, your lead receives a text shortly after they send an enquiry on Facebook or Instagram. That not only keeps your dealership at the forefront of their mind but also encourages more engagement.

A potential customer could send in an enquiry and then shortly forget about it, or they could be enquiring with many dealerships at once. But if they receive an SMS from your dealership, their attention is instantly grabbed. That’s how you can ‘stand out’ from the crowd and decipher which leads are more serious.

How should you be doing it?

Everyone loves a little bit of personalisation! If your SMS has a friendly and personal tone that suggests it has come from a real person (or team), it’s more likely to resonate with the customer. Tell them they can reply with questions and send the SMS from a personalised number.

You can use Automated SMS to:

  • send from a specific Salespersons number so that any replies are received by the right person ensuring action ASAP
  • use a Podium number so you can continue the conversation from your dashboard

Are you looking to start sending Automated SMS? Or have more questions on how this could work best for your dealership? We’re currently implementing this strategy, and we can help! Contact us here, and we’ll get you on track!

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