How Do The Popular Social Platforms Differ?

May 11, 2020

Once upon a time we just had Myspace. That was pretty much it when it came to popular social media platforms that guaranteed to be used by everyone. Now, we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, just to name the top four most popular in 2019.

Q. But how exactly do these platforms differ? Surely we don’t need to use more than one.

A. In short, the difference is the kind of content you can create on the platform. Some platforms allow all media types to be shared with little limitation, others have certain limitations and the rest are very limited. Which, in turn, creates certain user behaviours.

Facebook allows all forms of media to be created – written, imagery, video with little limitation making it a go-to source for people to get their news and information. Being a personal platform for people to connect and stay updated with one another, they’re more likely to pay more attention and take action whether it’s liking, commenting, sharing or hitting the “learn more” button. Here, they’re more likely to be seeking more information, rather than to make a purchase, which can open up a conversation.

Facebook is the platform to create long-form content where you have a little more freedom to share various types of media. This is where you’ll want to share information that will drum up some interest.

Whereas, Instagram is limited to only sharing imagery and video, making content easily digestible and aesthetically pleasing to viewers. It’s great for those with short attention spans who like to discover new things at a faster rate, providing bite-sized and easily processed information. Although that does mean users are less likely to engage or take action, it also means it’s the best platform to increase brand awareness and be discovered with the right content. Also, the psychology of subliminal messaging is very prevalent with products being seen but not necessarily looking like an advertisement.

So, basically, Instagram is where you’ll want to post punchy imagery that aims to influence. Because captions are shortened with a “read more” link that people will rarely open, you’ll want the image to tell people everything they need to know if it’s offer related, or inspire interest about said product/vehicle. If people are inspired, they’re more likely to look into it.

Although they’re quite different, attract different audiences, and the way you think about your posts should be different, they work together quite well to provide an all-rounded source of inspiration and information.

If there’s anything specific you’d like to know about these or any other social platform, get in touch with the team here.

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