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PMA Action Plan

The more you understand your PMA, the easier it is to achieve the market share you want. We look ‘under the hood’ of your PMA with an analysis of vehicle shoppers looking for your brand in your PMA. We’ll then break down this information by model, and postcode.

Closing The Gap

To close the gap from where your dealership is, to where you want to be, it starts by getting clear on what audiences you need to find. We examine CRM, Website, Lookalike, Brand, Engaged, Conquest, and other audiences to put your dealership in a position of dominance. Each audience is explained in detail (just like we do in workshops valued at over $1,000).

Pump In Pump Out Analysis

Bring your pump in pump out report and we’ll help you uncover the low-lying fruit and untapped market segments in your PMA. We’ll then show you how we convert OEM data into a strategic plan of action (this is why OEM’s love us, and you will too!).

Competition Teardown

We’ll use tools to spy on your top competitors to uncover where they are spending their marketing budget, the ad formats they’re using, and even offers you may not know about! Then we outline a roadmap of what it will take to dramatically increase leads, and reduce pump-ins from competing dealers, that could be costing you money.

Let’s Get More Prospects Into Your Car Dealership, Shall We?

It’s time to up your dealership’s social media marketing game. Let us help you do just that.
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