Should My Fleet Manager Be Advertising on LinkedIn?

April 16, 2021

LinkedIn has grown leaps and bounds from its initial inception, and we’re now seeing a peak in the variety of content being created and shared across the platform.

With over 260 million active monthly users in 2019, more businesses and professionals are spending time scrolling, connecting and sharing content. This makes LinkedIn a very valuable platform for your Fleet Managers in particular.

At a minimum, posting regularly provides valuable content that keeps potential customers interested and informed. But, it’s not until you interact with these potential customers habitually, that connections are built and sales can be established.

A Fleet Department’s customer base is primarily located on LinkedIn. Your audience is here and they’re active! Now is the time to establish a presence that says, “Here we are, talk to us today!”

We’ve seen this work with our dealership clients, with a combination of organic and paid posts that put them in front of car buyers and ensures they stay on the radar of current and new customers.

“With all the features that LinkedIn has to offer, the opportunity to reach car buyers (and fleet prospects) directly and establish your presence has never been better than it is right now”.

Get in touch with the team here to discuss more about building a stronger presence on LinkedIn.

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