Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Facebook Marketing

July 22, 2020

Why you shouldn’t ‘Boost’ your Facebook posts

When Facebook first set up the ‘Boost Post’ feature, it seemed like the perfect marketing solution for so many. It’s easy, quick and Facebook takes control of most of it so you don’t have to do much. Score! That’s all you need to do, right?

Our answer: not quite.

While it may be easier to click ‘Boost Post’ and let Facebook do its thing, you won’t be getting the kind of performance or results you really want.

Boosting Posts is not a one size fits all solution

When you boost a post, you’re getting limited options for targeting and you can’t use any custom audiences, so you aren’t able to reach the audience that matters. Since you’re boosting a regular Facebook post, the objective is automatically set for the one that makes sense: Reach/Engagement (seeking reactions, comments, and shares). When a campaign is set for these options, it’s only being targeted towards users who are more likely to take those actions and no one else.

As a dealership, you’re probably going to want to get a little more out of your marketing than some extra ‘likes’. The only stats you care about are your sales figures and your lead-to-appointment ratios. Things you won’t be able to get or track by Boosting posts.

So instead of Boosting posts…

Let’s talk about best practices for your Facebook marketing. Which, in a nutshell, boils down to Facebook Ads Manager and creating Ad campaigns the ‘long way’.

In Ads Manager, the sky’s the limit for your campaigns and you have an array of options to customise your campaigns to suit your goals and needs. Need more sales this month? A Lead campaign will help you find in-market buyers and generate warm leads. Want to boost traffic to your website? A Traffic campaign will get people there.

Facebook offers a huge range of targeting options here too, where you can select relevant interests (and many of them) as well as being able to target databases, website visitors, and Social Media engagement audiences. The opportunity to target multiple audiences at once comes into play too, with the ability to create multiple Ad sets with the same Ad to reach even more interested buyers.

And if post engagement is a thing you like, don’t worry, you have that option in Ads Manager too, only now you have more control over your targeting. Whatever you choose, Facebook will display your campaign to relevant people who are more likely to take the action that you want.

If you’re going to partake in Social Media marketing, you might as well do it right and get your money’s worth.

Need some help?

Agencies like Ignite Group are well versed in all things Facebook Ads Manager as well as ways to get your campaigns to reach the audience you want to maximise on performance. Reach out to us today to chat with our team about ways we can help you.

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