Facebook Advertising For Car Dealerships

Ignite Groups is the official Facebook advertising & marketing agency partner for the auto industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Get Better Results From Facebook

Work with a certified Facebook partner who has extensive automotive industry expertise.

Car Dealership Facebook Advertising

Get More Leads

Forget likes… we get you leads from Facebook.

Car Dealership Facebook Advertising

Optimise Campaigns

Hit the sweet spot for engagement and return on investment.

Car Dealership Facebook Advertising

Prioritise Spending

We’ll show you how to make every dollar work harder.

Car Dealership Facebook Advertising

Drive Measurable Results

You’ll be able to see how Facebook is working to grow your sales figures.

We Use Facebook To Drive More Deals For You

As official contributors to automotive industry events and publications, such as the AADA National Dealer Convention, MSX International’s Benchmarker and GoAuto, Ignite Group’s team of social media experts have the skills and deep understanding to help every dealership department.

Whether you’re a multi-franchise group or independent dealership, we drive measurable results with real impact. Choose to partner with a Facebook agency at the forefront of automotive digital marketing and be part of our innovation.

Why Choose Ignite Group

We build audiences that turn into buyers.

Hyper Targeting

Go beyond mere PMA targeting with hyper-targeted ads that deliver personalised messages to vehicle shoppers whose behaviour signals the potential to purchase a new car.


Target your ads to local events, specific postcodes or shopping centres with geofencing that serves ads to vehicle shoppers in real-time.

Lookalike Audiences

Find vehicle shoppers similar to those who have already purchased from your dealership and likely to convert.

Get Car Dealership Marketing That Ticks All The Boxes

We’ve thought of everything and we know what works.

Our Solution

Ignite Group’s PMA Action Plan is structured around its two core principles. Firstly, find the most relevant audiences. Next, serve ads that will most resonate with them. Here’s how we do it…

Database Ecosystem

We help your dealership re-engage with lost, lapsed, and ready-to-upgrade customers by matching your data with the email and mobile information acquired by Facebook.

Big Data

Facebook’s sophisticated targeting capabilities locate vehicle shoppers interested in your brand (eg. Toyota) and specific models (eg. HiLux) and competing models (eg. Ranger, Navara, Amarok).

Identity Driven Creative

We match audience personas (eg. female professional with two children) with creative that will resonate with your audience (eg. use people with similar identity and location).


FAQs Car Dealers Want To Know In 2021

Our team gets lots of questions from DP’s, Sales and Marketing Managers about the many facets of social media marketing for car dealerships. If you have questions – we have the answers!

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