How To Effectively Use SMS Marketing

June 18, 2020

Are you thinking about SMS marketing for your dealership?

Ever wondered if it was even worth it? Maybe you’re already doing it, but are you doing it properly?

We’ve got the answers!

SMS marketing is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of marketing around. Your campaign is almost guaranteed to reach your audience since it comes to them rather than them stumbling across it. After all, everyone who owns a phone is either constantly using it, or has it within eye-sight. iPhone users will see your message right from their lock screen!

In fact, according to the trends seen in the data for SMS campaigns we’ve run for our dealerships, the highest amount of responses (up to 10% of the overall outbound number) were received within the first 3 minutes. Most responses pile in after, literally, one second!

Here’s our conclusion: 10% of your database responds instantly, 9/10 of those are opt-outs but the remaining 80% of successful deliveries, have seen the message and they didn’t hate it enough to opt-out. That’s where your next sale could come from.

For the best campaign to run with SMS, we recommend sales events or offers that are time-sensitive that your desired audience should see ASAP. These campaigns are less likely to be seen as ‘spam’ too. Using SMS marketing with purpose will result in fewer opt-outs and unhappy or annoyed customers while maximising cost-effectiveness and general performance.

DO it right: Only include numbers from people who have consented to receive marketing from you. For dealerships that’s your current customers and people who have signed up to your newsletter or submitted an online enquiry with the usual tick box ticked.

Since the Spam Act 2003 states consent MUST be given before sending any marketing materials, it’s illegal to do it any other way. However, this means your campaign will see a much higher success rate (even if that just means fewer opt-outs) as your audience is more likely to be interested.

DO it right: unsubscribe the opt-outs within 5 working days to ensure you aren’t breaching the law. Most SMS systems make this easy, however, it means that if you move systems or take that same database of numbers elsewhere, you must manually remove these numbers from the database it came from.

How your agency can support you

At Ignite Group, we’re on top of this!

We can unsubscribe numbers as they come through so any future campaigns you run with us, won’t be sent to people who have opted out. Previous opt-outs (before us) must be removed beforehand. We can provide you with a list of unsubscribed contacts upon request as well, and we’ll ensure you’re meeting all Australian SMS Marketing Laws.

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