CRM Retargeting for Car Dealerships

Turn your database into a gold mine with retargeting campaigns on social media.

Why Retarget Car Buyers?

A good retargeting strategy maximises the revenue data collected by your dealership can generate.

CRM Retargeting Car Dealerships

Convert Existing Customers

Find in-market existing customers who are willing to upgrade to a new vehicle.

CRM Retargeting Car Dealerships

Close More Sales Prospects

Identify active prospects from your lead management system without spending hours trawling through customer details.

CRM Retargeting Car Dealerships

Re-engage Lapsed Service Customers

Serve personalised ads to customers who have lapsed on their scheduled service.

Get Car Dealership Marketing That Ticks All The Boxes

We’ve thought of everything and we know what works.

Retargeting Solutions From Ignite Group

Hyper-target your database on social media with personalised messages that convert.

Identify Your Audience

Identify prospects in your CRM who are ready to buy a new vehicle or complete their scheduled service.

Create Ad Strategy

Match advertising messages with the demographic (persona) of the prospect and increase the odds of conversion.

Deliver a Personalised Message

Serve dynamic content that instigates seamless connections between customers and your dealership.


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