Continental Cars

Continental Cars

Frictionless Buying Experience


As a premier dealership for Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen in Auckland, Continental Cars saw an opportunity to build out a frictionless buying experience for car shoppers during COVID-19.

The Challenge

During COVID-19, vehicle shoppers were discovering, researching, and buying vehicles differently to how they have in the past. However, with most dealerships typically following the traditional pattern of driving people to their brick and mortar location, Continental Cars wanted to provide a frictionless buying experience with an online-centric approach.

The Strategy

Working with Ignite Group, Continental Cars took an online-centric approach, actively targeting vehicle shoppers across the entire sales funnel, including those vehicle shoppers who have not quite yet decided which model they were likely to purchase. Doing so, provided an opportunity for conquest of competing models.
Ignite Group built multiple social media ads for each franchise within the Group, offering virtual appointments, off-site test drive, and more. The ads helped the dealerships better understand the preferred buying experience of vehicle shoppers during COVID-19, and build ease and convenience into the vehicle buying journey for their customers.


Post COVID-19, our belief is that dealerships that embrace an online-centric approach to lead generation, will have a competitive advantage over those that don’t. It has already become apparent that those that embraced online marketing and video conferencing tools such as Zoom and the Google Suite to engage with customers during the pandemic, were better equipped at providing a frictionless customer experience, than those that didn’t. Dealerships can nurture warm leads by encouraging convenient, easy and virtual ways to engage with the dealership, in order to advance vehicle shoppers through the funnel at scale, through contactless buying options.