Create a steady stream of great-looking social posts for your car dealership.

Dynamic Social Media Content
For Car Dealerships

AutoBOXX lets you create social content faster and within OEM brand standards by giving you access to personalised social media templates.

Perfect Social Content Creation

No skills? No worries! AutoBOXX makes social media marketing easy.

No Design Skills Required

Choose your campaign template and create up to 150,000 combinations.

Create Polished Posts Fast

Ramp up your social media presence with personalised templates.

Save Big Time

Skip the cost of an agency and make your own eye-catching social media ads.

Why Choose AutoBOXX?

Get great-looking social media posts and ads

With AutoBOXX you don’t need a designer to create eye-catching social posts.

Easy to use templates

Use our simple templates to generate polished-looking posts fast and hassle-free.

Save money

Do it yourself content creation reduces agency fees and allows your dealership to choose the posts that fit your needs.

Templates refreshed monthly

Access a constant stream of up to date social media templates and customise them to suit your dealership.

Keep in touch with your customers

Publish relevant and timely content to your PMA with a consistent flow of social posts that resonate with vehicle buyers. 

The Smart Solution for Self-Managed Social Media Advertising

Why choose AutoBOXX?

Access brand-compliant content for your car dealership’s social media platforms.

Easily search for relevant social posts for every department, individualised to your dealership.

Build ads fast using smart templates for all the major social media platforms.

Automate social post creation with smart templates that personalise to your PMA.

Create and share social media marketing faster when you have hot deals in store.

Get templates with pre-filled headlines, offers and dealership details to save time and eliminate compliance mistakes.

The Fast Lane To Smarter
Social Content Creation

Autoboxx is helping dealerships around the world automate their social posts.
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