August Social Media Tune-Up

August 03, 2020

Facebook/Instagram is no stranger to mimicking features from other popular platforms to enhance their experience. Video posts were born thanks to the Vine influence and, of course, we all know where Instagram (then, Facebook) got the idea for Stories. Arguably, these changes were for the better, and many users welcomed them enthusiastically.
So, what’ll it be this month?

New in: Instagram


Last month we mentioned how Instagram was testing out a TikTok lookalike feature called Instagram Reels. Well, it’s finally dropped!

Instagram dropped Reels to 50+ countries around the world overnight, completely changing the way people use the app.

Instagram Reels does what TikTok has always done but is arguably more comfortable for some millennials and brands to use. For some, this makes much more sense for their brand. You can create 15-second videos and upload them to either your Story or to Reels, found in a separate tab on your feed.

We say: keep an eye on this feature! Right now, it’s quite simple and many argue that it’s inferior to TikTok. But if we know Instagram, this feature is only going to be improved. Stay tuned so we can bring you all the latest updates on everything Instagram Reels.

New Fonts for Instagram Stories

Subtle yet exciting. Instagram has dropped some new fonts and styles on Stories to make it even easier for branding. Some accounts may not have this update yet, but as a continually changing feature, expect to have this soon.

Instagram QR Codes

This is one for our dealerships who might want to convert more walk-ins and customers into Instagram followers – QR Codes! Now located conveniently in ‘Settings’ you can generate a QR Code (and slightly customise it) that allows people to find your account by scanning your code in-app. Once scanned, Instagram will bring up your profile instantly. Simple and easy!

We say: there are so many ways you could use your QR code to convert IRL customers into followers. Definitely, one to think about using!

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