How Copywriting Accelerates Your Facebook Ads

February 22, 2021

Does copywriting matter in your Facebook Ads, or is the creative good enough? Moreover, how much copy should you write – do people read it anyway? If you’ve ever moaned or groaned over the copywriting in your Facebook Advertising, don’t worry, you’re probably not alone.

While you might be wanting to write the bare minimum and focus on the imagery, we wholeheartedly believe that copywriting makes a difference. So, how can you use copywriting to accelerate your car advertising?

Don’t spare the details

While there are restrictions as to how much text you can have on your creative, you can go into as much detail as you want in the Ad’s body copy – and you should!

When someone stops scrolling to look at your Ad, they’ll look at the body copy to learn more before they decide to submit a lead. This is important for any sales or clearance events, as customers will want to know about any extra bonuses or things to consider beforehand. If they don’t get all of the information, or the copy is too simple and doesn’t sound interesting enough, they’ll keep scrolling.

Selling someone on your Ad is a combination of great creative AND great copywriting. If you’ve ever thought to leave certain information out until after someone has enquired – don’t. You’ll miss out on a lot of enquiries that way.

Sell your dealership (not just your cars)

If automotive market trends from 2020 have taught us anything, it’s customers like to know how you’re going to accommodate THEM. Why should they buy from you?

For our client’s Facebook Ads in Australia during the pandemic, we made sure to mention in the copy that they were going contactless and supporting customers online – in every campaign. This was an extra step they were taking to make car buying convenient and easy. But without adding that, customers would not have known about it. Which, is precisely what set them apart. Customers who stopped scrolling would read the copy and knew straight away that they could shop easily online. Convenience at its finest!

By including just one extra sentence about the convenient incentives you’re offering, it could sweeten the deal before they’ve even finished reading the ad. Use this space to your advantage!

Have fun!

It’s no secret that Facebook advertising for car dealers can be a little, well, boring. After a while, it all sounds the same. “We have X model in stock for the great price of (insert price here) but HURRY, it won’t last long.”

It’s almost cliche, and while you might think it’s professional or appropriate, your customers might just yawn. Instead, make your Ads sound fun, up-beat and inject some personality into it! Use puns, make jokes or romanticise the vehicle/offer a little – make it sound irresistible while also being easy and fun to read.

When a customer is in-market, they’ve seen a hundred Ads by a hundred dealerships that all sound the same. Your copywriting could be what makes your dealership stick to the forefront of their minds. If they’re enjoying it, they might even share it or tag their friends. And THAT, right there, is how your copywriting can accelerate your Facebook Ads.

In summary

Yes, copy does matter in your Facebook Ads and, yes, people do read it.

The ad creative alone is a great way to grab attention and deliver the most important information, but it needs great copy to complete it. Customers will look at the Ad copy for more information, and if they like what they read, your copywriting could do most of the selling for you. A little personality, a little more information and a little incentive in your copywriting could be the thing that accelerates your Facebook Ads!

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