2021 Mid-Year Social Media Tune-Up

July 05, 2021

Facebook Co. has been busy announcing a fresh wave of upgrades and features (mainly on Instagram) these last few months. But not all of them are useful for businesses like your dealership. And since we’re in the business of your dealership, we’re only going to bring you the latest and most useful new features that you could utilise.

So here are the newest Facebook and Instagram features you need to know about.


You might recognise this from one of our earlier Tune-Ups where we mentioned the possibility of Instagram releasing an IGTV Ads feature.

Well, the IG gods must favour the smaller countries because IGTV Ads are now available in Australia.

Ads will appear when people click on an IGTV video from a preview in their feed and will play before the IGTV continues. Ads are built for mobile and can be up to 15 seconds long and will be placed on IGTV videos where the creator has selected to ‘allow ads’.

It can now be selected as a placement option in Facebook Ads Manager and can be selected with Brand Awareness, Reach and Video Views objectives, and will need to be a full-screen vertical (9:16) video.

This feature is still rolling out slowly and at the moment only selected creators in Australia are allowed to place ads on their content. But Instagram has made it clear that they will be rolling it out to more and more creators and there’s no denying that this could expand your reach further.

Reels Ads

Yep, Reels Ads too! It was only a matter of time before Instagram introduced this, especially when TikTok and even Snapchat Spotlight (Snapchat’s version of TikTok and Reels) are already on this.

Unlike IGTV Ads which is a slow and selected rollout, Reels Ads has been launched worldwide.

Instagram says:

“..(they) will be full screen and vertical, similar to ads in Stories, and will appear in between individual Reels. As with regular Reels content, these ads will loop and can be up to 30 seconds. People can comment, like, view, save and share Reels ads”.

So they will look just like a regular Reel except a small “sponsored” tag will be displayed, and you can add a CTA.

Just like IGTV Ads – you’ll be able to select “Reels” as an Ad placement in Ads Manager. You might have already seen it as more accounts are now being given access to it.

We Say..

If you’ve been wanting to experiment with different ad styles and reach a wider audience, this could be just the thing for you. If people are swiping on Reels the way they do on TikTok, Reels Ads could have a bigger reach as they’ll have a higher chance of landing on more peoples screens.

Facebook Business Suite Launches Instagram Stories Scheduling

For anyone who keeps their eye on Instagram policies and Terms of Service, you’ll know that Instagram keeps a tight lid on how people use the platform. Right now, Instagram doesn’t allow third-party scheduling services to schedule and post Stories through their API (which is also the only way these services are allowed to operate). Instagram approved/partnered scheduling services are only allowed to post feed posts and they can only do it for Business accounts that are linked to Facebook.

BUT NOW THERE’S A SOLUTION! It’s completely safe and part of the Facebook ecosystem of apps.

Thanks to Facebook Business Suite, you can schedule and post Instagram Stories! It’s available on both desktop and mobile (app) however, if your account doesn’t have access to the updated desktop version yet, you will need to use the mobile app for now.

This feature was launched in April but has been slowly rolling out, and at Ignite HQ, we’ve officially seen the option available to use in-app as of this June!

It’s simple to use thanks to Facebook’s straightforward layout in their app. You’ll see a big “Create Stories” button right on the home screen when you’re logged in and can schedule Stories to both Facebook and Instagram.

Note – you’ll need to make sure your Instagram account and Facebook page are properly connected via the Instagram App to get access to this.

We Say..

This is an excellent new tool for dealerships looking to get ahead and plan their Stories content without having to take time out of their busy schedules to post manually. Just schedule it and away it goes – you don’t have to worry.

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